The Divide: Significant Productions

This page contains details of significant productions of Alan Ayckbourn's The Divide.

First read-through (2015)

First Read-Through: 4 June 2015
Venue: Alan Ayckbourn’s home
Staging: N/A

Director: Alan Ayckbourn

All characters

Alan Ayckbourn
Heather Stoney
Katherine Dunn-Mines
Simon Murgatroyd

Note: Unusually the first read-through of The Divide took place with the staff of Alan Ayckbourn’s company. Given the unusual nature of the piece and its length, a preliminary read-through was held to ascertain how long it ran for the proposed gala rehearsed reading as well as its suitability for ‘performance’. At the initial read-through, The Divide ran for seven-and-a-half hours without breaks.

Gala Performance (2015)

World premiere: 27 September 2015
Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
Staging: Three-sided

Director: Alan Ayckbourn
Lighting: Tigger Johnson
Costumes: Rebecca Cartwright
Editor: Katherine Dunn Mines

Company Stage Manger: Fleur Linden Beeley
Deputy Stage Manager: Sue Volans
Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Lang

Walsice / Tana / Marzin / Doctor
Fergo / S. Jagg / Walby
Tutor Morden / Vint / Brigadier
Hork / Teacher Ollishaw / Mondrian
Mama Chayza
Young Soween
Editor / Donal / Chief Diver
Axi / Cllr Grosh
Mapa Kest
Desolia / Talyed
Tutor Rudgrin / Doagul / Dern
Older Soween
Young Elihu


Stephen Billington
Elizabeth Boag
Andy Cryer
Russell Dixon
Laura Doddington
Katherine Dunn-Mines
Terenia Edwards
Ruth Gibson
Liza Goddard
Velvet Hebditch
Paul Kemp
Emma Manton
Alexandra Mathie
Fleur Mould
James Powell
Richard Stacey
Heather Stoney
Sam Tennant

Jaye Lewis

Note: Although regarded as the first public performance of The Divide, this was not a full theatrical presentation but a semi-staged, read production which was both rehearsed and performed within the weekend of 26 - 27 September 2015.

World Premiere (2017)

First performance: 8 / 9 August 2017
World Premiere: 11 August 2017
Final performance: 20 August 2017
Venue: King's Theatre, Edinburgh
Staging: End-stage

Director: Annabel Bolton
Design: Laura Hopkins
Composer: Christopher Nightingale
David Plater
Sound: Bobby Aitken
Video: Ash J Woodward

A co-production between the Edinburgh International Festival and The Old Vic.

To be announced

To be announced

Note: This performance as part of the Edinburgh International Festival is regarded as the world premiere of the first full staged production of The Divide.

All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.