The Divide: Quotes by Alan Ayckbourn

"I’ve already written the next one! It’s called
The Divide and is something of an experiment. It’s a deliberate attempt to jump away from anything familiar to me. It’s quite worrying at the moment as I’m not too sure what it is. It’s a dialogue based upon two diaries; one of a boy and one of a girl growing up in a weird world. I hope we’ll be able to do a sneak preview of it this year as part of the 60th anniversary events, use a few friendly actors and have a gala reading of it."
(Interview with Simon Murgatroyd, April 2015)

“I wanted to challenge the director in me to write something that was ‘unstageable’.
The Divide could be a radio play, a movie or I’d love to reinvent it as a full production but it’s so big that, as far as I know, this will be a unique one-off, the one occasion anyone will get a chance to see, hear or experience it.* I’ve written it for younger audiences, it’s less Game of Thrones, more social satire. It’s a dystopian fantasy set in a completely reimagined world where men and women live separately.”
(Stephen Joseph Theatre press release, 29 August 2015)

* The playwright is referring to
The Divide's initial read-through as part of there Stephen Joseph Theatre's 60th anniversary celebrations in 2015.

Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn